Franklin Management -The Frank Gump Agency is a retained Executive Search and Recruiting firm and a professional Career Management and Job Search Strategy firm. We are experts in job search strategy. We are retained by national and international companies in pursuit of the perfect candidate and we work for the leadership level candidate in pursuit of the best opportunity.

The ways and methods that leadership level candidates conduct a search are dramatically different than the average job seeker. Traditional job boards and career sites continue to frustrate the leadership level candidate. Our agent recruiter solutions are designed to help executives and professionals overcome the number one obstacle they encounter in the most difficult job market in years. Visibility. When you gain visibility with the appropriate decision-maker, you will see interviews, activity and exciting things can happen.

The most critical element in your life, next to health and family, is your career. It is essential that you stay focused on the career position you really want or deserve. Our process is designed to get our candidates past human resources and in front of hiring authorities and decision makers at precisely targeted companies. Our approach is direct to decision maker, top-down. We work for you and only you from the beginning (or new beginnings) of your search campaign to the conclusion. Your next position may very likely determine your entire future. How can you deliver your message directly to decision makers who need to see what you bring to the table? This is exactly what we do.

If you require a strategic search, customized specifically for your success in this job market, we are right for each other. Contact Franklin Management -The Frank Gump Agency to arrange an introduction. Contact us today. 239.233.8009.

Franklin Management -The Frank Gump Agency specializes in assisting corporate talent target specific industries and sectors, target specific hiring managers and authorities, and present their experiences across multiple industries. In order to effectively do must first identify the most marketable elements of yourself AND properly demonstrate and communicate your skills within your resume, cover letter and multi-media portfolio. This type of strategy involves specialized knowledge and state of the art resources. Our programs will help you get into interviews...quickly and reliably...standing high above the competition!

Franklin Management -The Frank Gump Agency Ageny Business model is designed to help job seekers overcome the obstacles of delivering their compelling message directly to corporate decision makers.

Our solutions are sound business strategies using principles of multi-media, direct marketing, leveraging relationships, and technology working in harmony with expert career advancement solutions.

Franklin Management -The Frank Gump Agency 1342 Colonial Blvd., Suite H-60, Ft Myers Florida 33907

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